Drainage services


Egan Waste offer a wide range of drainage services in South Wales, and its surrounding areas including the South West and we specialise at drain cleaning, drain unblocking, drain repairs and CCTV drain surveys to commercial, industrial and domestic clients. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your drains are clear and working smoothly.

Blocked Drains and Drain Cleaning

Blocked drains and gullies can affect the safety of our roads as well as the risk of flooding and damage to your property, due to the accumulation of litter, mud and debris.

At Egan Waste Services, we can offer a wide range of clearance solutions to keep your property or roadway, domestic or commercial, in good working order, and free of blockages that can be disruptive to business and your personal possessions.

We have a vast array of vehicles, fully equipped in order to clear drains, gullies and other pipe and channel lines. Our service is provided by experienced personnel that are trained to the water jetting association standard.

CCTV Drainage Surveys

CCTV is the method used to examine drains and pipe lines in detail. A drain survey will inform you of a current problem or warn you of any potential problems, where there could be structural concerns, blockages, or even ingress from roots. At Egan Waste Services, we can carry out CCTV surveys with our fully equipped vehicles, for residential, commercial, industrial and roads etc. It is also common that drainage surveys are carried out prior to the intended purchase of a property. Along with our camera and software expertise to carry out drainage inspections and surveys, we will also provide you with a comprehensive report and a DVD of the footage captured. The data we accumulate from your survey, will detail the drain condition, flow directions, invert levels, and any connection issues. We can provide recommendations and costs required for any remedial works that may be necessary to have your drains fully functional again.

Drainage, Pipework Repairs and Relining

Repairs and relining of drainage and other pipework could be a daunting thought in regards to disruption and cost but the issue could be more affordable than you think, and solving the problem now, will benefit you from further damage and costs if it worsens. At Egan Waste Services, we have the technology to survey, then repair or re-line your pipework to get them fully functioning with the minimum of disruption to your personal property or business. We can re-line damaged pipes that are up to 150mm in diameter by fitting a permanent internal sleeve with use of high performing and industry approved products. Pipe re-lining process is the perfect solution for locations or property where pipework is difficult to access or passes under a building etc.

Gully Emptying and Cleaning

If you are responsible for a property, highway, car park or any other facility with a drainage system, then your gullies and drains will eventually become blocked from silt and debris. At Egan Waste Services, we will respond quickly to get things flowing again with our gully cleaning service. Our experienced operatives are capable of clearing and cleaning your gullies, whatever the size or type. With our powerful vacuum tankers, high pressure jetting and other support vehicles where required, we can solve the problem, or stop it ever becoming one, saving you time and money.

Gullies regularly become blocked due to the ingress of leaves, silt and general waste, resulting in subsequent overflowing. We are often called upon to clear gullies on domestic driveways, industrial estates, housing estates and to main roads. With the risk of flooding increasing year on year due to record levels of rain fall, the requirement for cleaning gullies has become even more relevant. Whether you require an ongoing maintenance plan or a one-off service, we can supply the necessary equipment to attend your property or site to undertake the cleaning of all gullies. Egan Waste Services are registered as waste carriers with Natural Resources Wales and we will provide the necessary duty of care paperwork.

Interceptor (Separator) Servicing

Egan Waste provides a safe and reliable interceptor cleaning and maintenance service.

The service and maintenance of interceptors, also known as separators, is essential for legislative reasons. Environmental standards, which should be followed, state that your interceptors, or separators should be serviced at least twice a year.

We can service / maintain the gullies, manholes and ensure that the interceptor chambers are cleared and cleaned. We offer a maintenance service for which we carry out all these services at the same time, therefore reducing your costs and keeping your premises working at its highest level, and ensuring legality.

Confined Spaces

Working in confined spaces presents complications and dangers, as well as strict health & safety regulations that control the people who are required to carry out the work. Egan Waste Services can provide competent and experienced confined space operatives, trained to city and guilds standards for your requirements, whether that be for interceptor servicing, tank entry and cleaning, drainage pit surveying etc. Safety is our first priority, so our teams will always arrive on site fully equipped with gas monitoring equipment, resuscitation, retrieval and other safety equipment. We will also carry out and supply risk assessments and method statements before starting work. Therefore, we will ensure everyone’s health and safety is paramount and leaving you with the peace of mind whilst we carry out the necessary task in hand.

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